Bluebird Market Serves Entrepreneur Friendly Initiative

6Bluebird Market aims to connect local buyers with local growers and artisans.  We encourage local vendors to hatch their business by setting up weekly accounts to become a local supplier of goods. 

As a Sustainability Initiative this also serves the State of Georgia Entrepreneur Friendly  “homegrown” business development. 

Locally we have worked to match suppliers with business owners and have had a strong response.  Local businesses that have already committed to buy local include florists like Jinger’s Showcase, Eateries like Tasty Shoppe and Pharmacies like Big “C” Drugs.

As a Do-It-Yourself advocate, Bluebird Market is registered with The RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship for energizing entrepreneurs.                                                                     

20 Clues to Rural Community Survival

We were trained by Kyle Hensel of the SBDC at Thomaston Georgia Chamber of Commerce and received a graduation certificate in May, 2009 from the Maximum Marketing course.

How can your Company access this service? (Click Here)


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