Bluebird Market Earlybird Wrangler Breakfast Features Local Green Eggs

  Fresh eggs cooked up light and fluffy for French Toast at the free Wrangler Community Breakfast held every Saturday for early bird shoppers at Bluebird MarketCowboy bird                                                                                                 Local Free-range green eggs from Araucana Hens are being used at the Bluebird Market Wrangler Breakfast.

Free Community Breakfast

There will be a free community breakfast in honor of everyone growing edibles in home gardens and our local sustainable growers and farmers, on Saturdays. It is an Early Bird Wrangler Breakfast at the Bluebird Market between 8 and 10 a.m. located at 215 Barnesville Street.


Cooked Outside Over Open Coals

The Wrangler Breakfast menu has something for everyone like Eggs in a Saddle, Fried Egg Sandwiches, Egg Muffins, French Toast with hot maple and blueberry syrups, Cook’s sausage breakfast pizza, sliced tomatoes on wheat toast, toasted bagels with cream cheese, fig preserves and pear honey.

Fluffy Fresh Local Eggs

The eggs used for the Early Bird Wrangler Breakfast will be an assortment of fluffy, fresh and local eggs including organic, brown, blue and green eggs from Araucana and Rhode Island Red hens. Because the mission of the market is to bring together local growers, artisans and buyers, we encourage local buyers to set up weekly accounts so our local growers and farmers will have income as regular as rain. If you buy for a local restaurant, for example, that serves breakfast or bakes cakes, you might want to try these fluffy, fresh local eggs to serve to your customers on a regular basis from a local supplier.

Live Twitter Broadcast & Demo

At the Bluebird Market there will also be a live Twitter broadcast on the big screen inside. You will learn how to use Twitter, how to set up your free account, how to navigate Twitter and what you can do with your account.

You Gotta Be Kidding Recycle Campaign 
The Statewide Recycling Campaign, You Gotta Be Kidding, will launch locally in Thomaston at the Bluebird Market with fun ways to learn about recycling. You will be introduced to Tommy Krenshaw, a non-recycler, in a big screen movie of Tommy spotted around town with Thomaston residents. Don’t keep a guy like this secret, introduce him to all of your friends.

Buy Local One-Day-a-Week
You will enjoy Bluebird Market with fun demonstrations, local artisans and growers hatching products they have grown or handmade. Come early for the free community outdoor Wrangler Breakfast, redirect $10.00 to Buy Local One-Day-a-Week and celebrate Opening Day at the Bluebird Market with local growers, artisans, farmers and friends.
Bluebird Market hours are 8 am until noon, Saturday, June 6, 215 Barnesville Street, Thomaston. Email:


3 thoughts on “Bluebird Market Earlybird Wrangler Breakfast Features Local Green Eggs”

  1. Pattie – Hope you have a great turnout Sat. I’ll be In Atlanta on Sat. so we wont make the market. Shawn

  2. This is going to be so much fun! I love the concept of connecting local restaurants to local suppliers. I’ll be buying some local produce for my family too. See you all at the Twitter Demo!

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