Bluebird Market Muscadine Season Opens Labor Day Weekend

landers vineyardgrapes_at_barnesville_marketNow is the time to make muscadine jelly and pancake syrup and eat some of the most delicious and nutritious muscadines of the season.  (After Labor Day in Middle Georgia is the best season for local muscadine grapes.)

muscadines-flyer-finalbest muscadine page 1These images are from the Georgia Vineyard that grew Muscadines for Callaway Gardens jellies, sauces and preserves for 19 years. This local vineyard has been in continued production since the 1930’s.

Hunt’s All Purpose Muscadine Grape is the choice grape used for 19 years to make Callaway’s Muscadine Sauce, Jelly, Preserves and Ice Cream.  One reason this grape was chosen as second to none and better than their own is the grape variety. 

This grape was developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Hunt at the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  It is from a wild Georgia Muscadine and a French grape.  An Atlanta banker planted 15 acres of Hunt’s grapes in an Upson County Vineyard during the 1930 depression and Mr. Hughlon Ferguson later sold this vineyard to the current owners. These Upson County grown grapes have been sold as far north as Virginia to wineries.  Natalie DuPree Cooking School brought a GPTV film crew to the Vineyard to record the harvesting process of locally grown Georgia muscadines in Upson County.

 muscadine vineyard grapes strip

Family Tested Recipes Used for Over 50 Years for Finest Muscadine Flavors

Muscadine Sauce

5 lbs. grape pulp and ground hulls

2 1/2 lbs. sugar

2 and 1/2 t. powdered cinnamon

2 teaspoons powdered mace

1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

Wash and crush grapes.  Separate hulls and pulp. Heat pulp with juice and put through a colander to remove seed. Grind hulls in a food chopper using fine blade. Combine deseeded pulp, juice and hulls. Cook until hulls are tender.  Add sugar and spices. Cook very slowly, stirring repeatedly, until the mixture is very thick, with a jelly like consistency.  Pack hot in pre-heated jars and seal.  Makes 8 pints.

Muscadine Syrup

1 lb. muscadine grapes

1 lb. sugar

1 c. water

Cook deseeded grapes slowly with sugar until hulls are tender about 15 minutes adding water to make syrup as desired thickness.  Strain. Serve warm.  This is a delicious rich purple red syrup to serve hot on pancakes or ice cream.

Muscadine Wines contain over 5 times more RESVERATROL than ordinary red wines.

Muscadine Conserve

2 cups Muscadine Concentrate

1 cup chopped nuts

1/2 cup raisins

1 orange shredded

2 cups sugar

Muscadine Concentrate:  Separate pulp and skins. Add enough cold water to skins to prevent scorching. Cook until tender. Put pulp on to heat in separate kettle. When soft, put through colander to remove seeds. Add pulp to the skins and measure concentrate. 

Muscadine Conserve:  For each 2 cups of concentrate, add nuts, raisins, orange and sugar measured as above.  Remove from heat and stir well. Pack in hot, sterile jars. Seal and set on rack in hot water bath. Pour boiling water in to cover tops of jars.  Allow to stand until water is cold and lids pop.

Muscadine Preserves

1 lb. muscadines

1 lb. sugar

Cook de-seeded until tender, add water as needed.  Add sugar and cook until jelly test is reached. May add pectin per directions if grapes are very ripe. Pack in hot jars and seal.


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