Bluebird Market Day –Schedule of Community Educational Programs

Saturdays 8 am until noon

8-10 a.m. Bluebird Coffeehouse– FREE breakfast

Free Community Breakfast and coffee each week for Earlybirds. Georgia Roasted Bluebird Coffee is available to purchase by the pound, courtesy of Hunt Slade’s Safehouse Coffees and Teas.  Locally baked items like Orange Muffins, Banana Bread and more are available to purchase at the Market each week from local vendors.

10 a.m. Bee-a-Reader –FREE (ages 12 & under)

Enjoy the wonderful stories and activities each week by Miss Honey… the fabulous founder of the local BEE-a-Reader program to teach the love of reading and reading aloud to children in our hometown.  Miss Honey’s storytime is FREE of charge and you may order top selling children’s books from the Usborne series online or at the market.  You are welcome to participate as a reader to children by checking with Kara Beth Huddleston for a time to read. 

10 a.m. DIY Workshop (materials fee $5.00)

While your children are enjoying story time in the Reading Room with Miss Honey, you are free to shop the market or attend the DIY Workshop.  This is a fun workshop for DIY(Do-it-yourself) fans of affordable handmade items with a weekly materials fee of $5.00 for adults

10:30 a.m. Entrepreneural Friendly Presentations

This DIY effort aims to boost local residents striving to Hatch/Launch their own business venture. Have a business you want to get the word out about?  Launch at Bluebird Market like others who have hatched homebased, handmade or small business ventures at our Entrepreneural Friendly market.

11:00 a.m. Bluebird Market Kitchen Show

Each week, join the LIVE audience for fun, participation and tastings at Bluebird Market Kitchen Show.  Recorded weekly to promote delicious and nutritious use of Farmers’ Market produce, cottage industry baked goods, canning skills and more.



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