Bluebird Market Fun Idea for Warming Winter Soups

Lentils , according to Healthy Kitchen,  “pack a double whammy when it comes to mood. Not only are they a complex carbohydrate, but they’re also high in folate, and it’s said that deficiencies in folate are associated with depression and mania. Plus, on a lighter note, when it comes to cold-weather comfort food, hearty lentil soup always hits the spot.”

This week CSA shares include a recipe for delicious French Country Soup with lentils, sweet potatoes, turnips, spring onions and more nourishing veggies. 

Turnips may be substituted for white potatoes in recipes…they have fewer carbs and calories and more importantly have a low GI compared to the high GI in white potatoes.

Enjoy the nourishing benefits of being a CSA shareholder by making healthy substitutions in recipes. 
"Beans, Peas and Lentils" Print

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