Bluebird Market Receives Gift Grant for Greenhouse to Serve Farm to Table Community

Thank you Cary Grubbs for the opportunity to better serve the Bluebird Farm2u community with this fine greenhouse facility. Jan Rogers, Community Gardening Advocate, facilitated this gift grant to Bluebird Market and the Griffin farm to table community. Training internships will be made available to those interested in Local Foods Systems.

Come Grow with Bluebird!

Bluebird Market is delighted that this fine local foods system partnership was announced on December 10, 2010, which is Slow Foods International Terra Madre Day.  Translation: Mother Earth.  “Terra Madre Day is being celebrated today with more than 170,000 people taking part in 1,130 events in communities across 125 countries with 250 universities, to promote eating locally and sustainable food production.”

Organized by the global Slow Foods network. Terra Madre (translation: ‘Mother Earth’)



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