Bluebird CSA | Autumn Farm Box Harvest

Wine and Cheese Pansies, September Wonder Fuji Ellijay GA Apples, Purple heirloom peppers, Certified Organic Gala apples, Cinderella and Fairy Tale heirloom pumpkins, Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Sweet Corn, Greens, Lettuces, Red Slicing Tomatoes, new potatoes and more.
1-IMG_01171-IMG_01681-IMG_0183 1-IMG_0185 1-IMG_01931-IMG_04071-IMG_04101-IMG_0411 1-IMG_0181 1-IMG_0150 1-IMG_01621-IMG_03571-IMG_03591-IMG_03621-IMG_0366-001 1-IMG_0163 1-IMG_0166 1-IMG_01961-IMG_02051-IMG_02191-IMG_02641-IMG_02241-IMG_02401-IMG_0345-0011-IMG_02791-IMG_02871-IMG_0309-001 1-IMG_0205 1-IMG_0125 1-IMG_0126 1-IMG_0130 1-IMG_0146


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