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september 5 2013

About our Program

Membership in Bluebird CSA – Community Supported Agriculture –  gives you access to a harvest share box of farm fresh, locally grown and sourced food throughout the year. Members select the size suitable for their family and securely pay for in-season subscription shares and Add-on products. Members conveniently place orders during the weekly open ordering window, Fridays 8 am – Sunday 6 pm and pick up their orders the following week at our convenient pickup location on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The weekly cycle repeats throughout the year. A 6 month membership is $25 (less than one dollar per week) during our Sign Up Special. There are no minimum or maximum orders, you may skip any week you like and product availability is always clearly indicated on the ordering pages.From time to time member’s orders may not be entirely filled due to unexpected events such as weather changes, crop damage, quality shortcoming, or other unanticipated events. In these rare cases we immediately credit the member’s house account with the full amount of the unfulfilled product(s) and can be applied to a future order, agree with member for rollover to a following week, or we make a substitution with a comparable product(s) of an equal or higher value.Our ordering system is not, at this time, setup to offer refunds.If you choose to skip a week, we simply roll over your credit to the following week (we do not maintain credit card information and therefore can not generate a credit back to a member’s credit card).Bluebird CSA share boxes vary according to what local farmers are harvesting the day of delivery. Photos are examples of what is being harvested on local farms during the changing seasons. Click on the Producers page for a sample of Georgia grown and handmade products and pricing to see if this is a program that may work for your family. If you are local to Middle Georgia and Metro Atlanta and like the idea of access to all the best, farm fresh food our area has to offer, using the convenience of the Internet, click on the Sign Up button on the home page, and join our program. Thank you for supporting Georgia family farms and locally grown and handmade products with Bluebird CSA.Bluebird began as an organic community garden and farmers market. We travel weekly to Georgia farms helping farmers harvest crops. Bluebird packs share boxes with locally grown farm to table veggies and delivers to you. Bluebird CSA is a Multiple Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Sustainability Initiative.

Align your life today with health and sustainability through Bluebird CSA

Top 5 Benefits to Nourish Your Life with Bluebird CSA from Bluebird Market on Vimeo.

Top 5 benefits you will love with Bluebird CSA!! Watch and learn!
Bluebird CSA weekly share boxes, filled with fresh veggies from mulitiple Georgia farms, nourish your life by providing what is needed to look and feel great! From seed to table, nourish life with Bluebird fresh veggies and community.

Did you know greens are #1 on the ANDI Nutrient Density Scale?
Enjoy kale, spinach, arugula, turnip and collard greens. Lightly blanch. Toss in the blender with just a bit of olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays. When frozen, place cubes in freezer bags. Drop a cube or two into soups, sauces, pasta, eggs, pilafs and stir frys. If you plan to make green smoothies, omit olive oil.

Why Choose Us

Think of Bluebird CSA as being the first in line at every seller’s booth at the local farmer’s market. Product availability is exactly what you see in our ordering pages and is based on local seasonal output that local farmers personally produced and harvested. All the best of the harvest is gathered from local farms for your weekly produce share boxes. Share box pricing is clearly marked. There is no pressure to buy and there are no minimums. Our producers typically harvest their products at the end of the ordering cycle and Bluebird CSA then delivers the freshest, most nutritious products to members within days of ordering.

Bluebird is a Middle Georgia organic co-op of farmers, community gardeners, artisans and growers may market their goods.

FYI: Top Ten Reasons to Buy Local with Bluebird

1. What is Bluebird Market and CSA? Bluebird Market is more than a farmers market of pleasant and charming life enrichment.  Bluebird Market and CSA is a sustainability initiative to bring vibrancy where it belongs with our local people and Georgia made and grown weekly produce share boxes.
2. What is my part in better sustaining our community? Redirect $10.00 to Buy Local One-Day-a-Week.  UGA studies show if each household in Georgia spends $10 weekly on Georgia grown produce a $1.9 BILLION boost to the Georgia economy!


3. How will Bluebird Market help my family? Not only is shopping local at a farmer’s market listed as one of 9 top ways to enrich our lives on MSN, it brings vibrancy back to where it belongs with local families rather than into warehouses of goods directed by corporate boardrooms.
4. What Does it Mean if We Redirect $10.00 to Buy Georgia grown produce Weekly?The impact when we buy local is fuel savings, healthier & fresher foods for our families, and a vibrant local ecomony with an immediate do-it-yourself stimulus boost to our local people.  For the Georgia economy if each household spends $10 weekly on Georgia produce it means at $1.9 BILLION boost!!
5. How does my 10.00 count? The collective power of one. Let’s explore together below how it adds up for well oiled corporate chainstores in approximate figures with a proforma (best case scenario) to see what is possible when we work together.
6. Don’t we need outside assistance to boost our economy? When you read the figure $1 Billion for local Georgia people, it appears untouchable. In reality this is a figure that is already within our reach every year and our choices have been to direct this collective big blank check to corporate chainstores rather than Georgia producers like you and me!
7. Where would this come from when I am already struggling to make ends meet? Collectively, we already have this amount as spending power .  The key is to redirect a small portion to buy local.  Our collective power of one is strong and we each can do our part in a small but meaningful way to make an impact. We encourage you to Buy Local and redirect $10.00 weekly as your part to make an impact.
8. Who can join this effort?
Everyone is invited to buy/sell locally grown or locally made whether it is fresh tomatoes or a loaf of fresh homebaked banana bread. Bluebird Market is first and foremost for locally grown products but just as vital are local handmade products. The market cost for vendors is $5.00 AFTER you sell $20.00 of product. The Department of Ag has stated we can sell homemade at the Bluebird Market like a bake sale without being a certified kitchen.  

9. How do I Take the Pledge?
We want our children to love their hometown and believe there is no place on earth where the quality of life is better than Thomaston, Georgia.   Pledge today to buy Georgia grown and made weekly!!

 10. When is Bluebird Market Opening Day?
Bluebird Market opens this Saturday, June 6. Enjoy local vendors and fun demonstrations on the big screen at 215 Barnesville Street (former R.C. Cola Building) across from Big Chic on Barnesville Street in Thomaston. Open Saturdays 8 am to noon.

Michael H. Shuman, author of the book Going Local says, “Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependant on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs.”

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