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Spalding Regional  - Bluebird's Home Canning Event.
Spalding Regional – Bluebird’s Home Canning Event.

spalding regional 082013 3

Bluebird Festival

Miss Bluebird, crowned by Miss America Organization

Farmer’s Kitchen Show

Folk Art Village at Flint River Fall Fest

Bluebird Greenhouse Plant Sale

Home Canning Event-Girl Talk at Spalding Regional

Local Foods Tasting Table, Piedmont Fayette, Cancer Wellness

Lunch & Learn, UGA Garden, Experiment Station

Bluebird PopUp Shops, Arts Market at Doc’tober Days Festival

Rock Ranch, Growing Up Green

Scrub Run, Spalding Regional

Sleighbell Arts Market

Truly sharing a cup of tea led to a small group of lovely local artisans making plans to go out and tell their friends at other Middle Georgia arts events how delightful it is to live, work, play and create arts in Thomaston, Georgia…
3 hours ago
“Just about every non-organic food product available to consumers has some sort of connection with Monsanto…Ultimately, there are better, healthier ways to make cheaper food. Un…
3 hours ago
It’s ‘Eat Red Week’ at Bluebird Market as we support the effort to choose heart healthy foods like cherries, peppers, red grapes and tomatoes…Read more… Chocolate Cherry Drink Recipe here.
Yesterday at 1:05pm
According to the New York Times, …”those who indulged twice or more a week had a 66 percent reduced risk of dying from a subsequent heart event.” Each week at Bluebird Market we focus on learninghow nourishing foods bring vibrancy, longevityand energy.Week 6 in the’Becoming Nutrient-Rich’ Series(fo…
Yesterday at 1:05pm
Because Bluebird CSA loves it’s shareholders and is so appreciative of our Founding CSA Members,each will receive alovelylocally grown Valentine Flower Bouquet in this week’s share boxes. What is the meaning of Gerber Daisies as a flower gift? …e…
Yesterday at 1:05pm
Sun at 2:57pm
Sun at 2:57pm
Lentils , according to Healthy Kitchen, “pack a double whammy when it comes to mood. Not only are they a complex carbohydrate, but they’re also high in folate, and it’s said that deficiencies in folate are associated with depression and mania. Plus…
Sat at 12:09pm
Here is a fun Bluebird of Happiness free printable coloring page to share when children come into your place of business or home…We love young artisans and those that encourage their creative talents…
Sat at 1:34am
Bluebird CSA shareholders will find lovely lettuces this week that are grown with TLC in high tunnels through our 2010 Georgia winter.Fresh local certified organic lettucesare very rare and we are fortunateagain this week. To better I.D., we have placed labels…
Sat at 1:34am
Want to bring your extra garden veggies, herbs, flowers, baked goods, bedding plantsand more to Bluebird Market? Here are10 best practice ideas used for Successful Selling at Bluebird Market…
February 3 at 11:44pm
“If you drive a mile away from that sugarcane field and sit in a café, the sugar packets on your table have traveled about 10, 000 miles: to California, to New York, and back again to Hawaii, instead of the one mile you have. T…
February 3 at 11:44pm
Multiple Farm CSA share boxes distributed to one local family signed up for Bluebird CSA program. “I used to think there were four distinct pieces to a local food system – production, processing, distribution, and retail. Now I realize there is a fifth – community. With…
February 3 at 11:44pm
Our Bluebird CSA share members experienced the reason every farmer should have a high tunnel to extend their growing season.…locally grown Georgia lettuces in January! Courtesy of the USDA, every Georgia farm will be provided with 1 high tunnel. …
February 3 at 1:29am
Bluebird Market CSAfarmer, Dave Bentoski, of D & A Farms, is quoted in the news release announcing a new USDA pilot study in Georgiato use high tunnels, or hoop houses,toincrease availability of locally grown foods…
February 3 at 1:29am
Want to share your Bluebird CSA experience with others? Now you can be connected with other CSA members, local farmers and other interested friends with complimentary setup of a free blogsite, Facebook and Twitter page.Share your local culinary journey. Connectforupdatesand CSA recipes…
February 3 at 1:29am

Bluebird Market Middle GA farmers are encouraged to contact NRCS for info on high tunnel, or hoop house to extend growing season.
Eco-friendliest local growers and artisans organic market.
February 1 at 9:48pm
Potato Skins with Spring Onions Add spring onions overnight tosour cream for dips. Superbowl Party Recipe Sweet Potato & Sausage Kabobs Superbowl Snack Throwdown Sweet Potato Hummus Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries Brig Owen’s Superbowl Sweet Potato Soup with Leeks C
February 1 at 10:47am
The Wellness Lady Picks Up CSA Sharebox at Bluebird Market.
February 1 at 10:47am
Pecan Crusted Tilapia on Bed of Mediterranean Roasted Collards: Nutrient Rich Recipes.
February 1 at 10:47am
January 31 at 7:13pm
We love our Bluebird CSA Members! Bluebird CSA shares will receive a special locally grown bouquet of Valentine flowers in their harvest share box the day before Valentine’s. Pay-by-the-Week option for $15.00 quarter shares still available for winter shares. …
January 31 at 7:13pm
Sign up today for a $15.00 share box of all the best local harvest for PickUpthe Week of February 6, 2010. Email: New farm fresh veggies this week include sweet green onions, farm fresh cabbage and gorgeous Georgia Red sweet potatoes!
January 31 at 7:13pm
Bluebird CSA shareholders received about 2 dozen turnips this week in the quarter share box. Farmer Bob shared his favorite turnip recipe which can be modified to simple turnips and onions also…
January 31 at 11:20am
Farm! is a documentary that shows us creative ways to sustainableveggie growingon production farms in our region. We are fortunate to beconnecting our community to local growers who provide farm fresh organic produce…
January 31 at 11:20am
Check out Bluebird Market on the Locavore Network and find local farms, farmers markets and CSA programsin your local area.
January 31 at 11:20am
January 30 at 6:45am
Food, Inc. in now the #1 film on Watch and learn why this video is making an impact. Providing nutrient rich foods for your family is a ‘noble goal’. It makes sense to have a counter-balance of nourishing foods available for our families as an affordable choice. Bl…
January 29 at 9:55pm
How should I store my Buttercrunch, Red and GreenLeaf,and Red Romaine artisan lettuces? To best preserve these beautiful hand selected lettuces, store in your crisper at a temperature between 34 and 38 degrees. When should I wash my lettuce? Right before serving…
January 29 at 9:55pm
Watch and learn how CSA’s are growing with American families! Every family needs a farmer. Do you know yours?
January 29 at 9:55pm
Email for availability: (“WSSF” Stands for Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.) …
January 28 at 2:04pm
We encourage all of ourfriends to become active participants in the Bluebird CSA Program. It’s easy and we have an affordable Pay-by-the-Week program for a quarter share sample box! Come by the market this Saturday Jan. 30, 2010. …
January 27 at 2:09am
January 26 at 11:23am
Choosefrom the Lovebird List of light and healthy foods to serve for a delightful Valentine Dinner. Enjoy flavors that are ‘intense, passionate, clean and rich.’ . Salad for LovebirdswithHoney Dressing 1/2 c. Fresh Raspberries 1/2 c. almond slices, toasted 1/4 c. gr…
January 26 at 11:23am
Because they care about bringing our families ‘All the Best’, James Family Farm is Certified Organic. We appreciate thededication and diligence it takes to pass the requirements and become organically certified in today’s fast paced world. Than…
January 26 at 11:23am

Bluebird Market Do you love local artists? Share the love and a cuppa tea at this ‘Heart to Heart’ party with fun ideas for upcoming spring artisan events.

Heart to Heart
Time:12:30PM Monday, February 8th
Location:330 E. Lee Street, Thomaston, GA 30286
January 25 at 10:47pm

Bluebird Market Share the love for our local artisans.
Eco-friendliest local growers and artisans organic market.
January 25 at 10:41pm
I found this fascinating quote today: Our family went the the Bluebird Market and picked up our first Bluebird CSA Sharebox.  Like many Americans, we are being careful about our grocery budget.   Sometimes it seems it takes a lot of money to eat healthy, but the Bluebird CSA is changing that fo…
January 25 at 12:43am
According to the USDA Pecans are #1 for Antioxidants among all tree nuts. Total Antioxidants per gram Almonds 1,265 Walnuts 3,846 Pecans 5,095…
January 25 at 12:43am
Want to win the superbowl of nourishing your family? Make it Superfood Sundayand plan game day with delicious and nutritious superfoods. Get fun ideas, recipes and quick ways to bring all the best to your Superbowl gathering…
January 25 at 12:43am

Bluebird Market You will be amazed! Watch the fun as the Clayton Family opens their Winter Bluebird CSA share box. Thanks CSA shareholders for buying from local farmers! 

We picked up our first Bluebird CSA sharebox full of fresh and local foods grown by area farmers. It came with recipes and spices too. What a great value for only $15/share. I think we are going to like this.
January 24 at 5:42pm
Eco-friendliest local growers and artisans organic market.
January 24 at 11:30am
Currently we are serving the Winter CSA season with local share boxes. We currently do have openings for the Winter 12-Week Season still available. The Spring 12-Week Program Begins April 17th, 2010. You may sign up now to reserve your space in our Multiple Farm, Middle Georgia CSA program…
January 24 at 2:57am
Read morefrom The Wellness Ladyon what she received in her Bluebird CSA share box. This is a picture taken by Angelica Clayton offarm fresh productsher family received in their Bluebird CSA share box on January 23, 2010. Email:
January 24 at 2:57am
Visiting a farmers market is fun for families and Bluebird Market is honored to be listed on the very cute Middle Georgia children’s resource page…Kaboodle. To…
January 24 at 2:57am
In the Bluebird CSA Recipe Box on Culinate you will find delicious and nourishing recipes for CSA share box veggies.
January 23 at 12:58am
McCormick Crusting Blends with Panko Bread Crumbs, Garlic, Lemon & Rosemary…for Rosemary Pecan Crusted Trout recipe. McCormick Gourmet Collection Mediterranean Spiced Sea Saltfor Turnip Fries andCollard Greensseasonings.
January 23 at 12:58am
Click here for simple directions on freezing your CSA share box greens in single servings.
January 23 at 12:58am
Communities support agriculture working together ‘from the ground up’ while believing in our local growers.
January 20 at 5:10am
Every familyneeds a farmer. Do you know yours?
January 20 at 5:10am
We are so fortunate to have a multiple farm CSA that provides all the best from our Middle Georgia growers.
January 20 at 5:10am
This week Bluebird CSA share boxes will be filled withfarm fresh turnips andmore locally grownwinter veggies! You may pick up your share boxes at Bluebird Market, 218 N. Center Street, Thomaston, GA Saturdays 8 am until noon at the Historic Downtown Train Depot market location…
January 17 at 11:20pm
Week 3 in our Series of ‘Getting Strong Now’features the benefits of local honey. As we become nutrient rich our bodies benefit with added natural energy, strength and wellness. Honey is more than a delicious sweetener, itprovides nutrientsandwellness properties with a healthy Glycemic Index. Al…
January 17 at 11:20pm
Thank you to the Wellness Lady and the Pizza Dr. for a fun evening with friends learning how touse fresh local garden veggies and prepare delicious and nutritious dishes…
January 17 at 11:20pm
Is your yard Bluebird friendly? This Saturday, January 23, 2010, you will find hand-crafted Bluebird Housesavailable at Bluebird Market from 8 am until noon in time for spring nesting…
January 16 at 7:35pm
Bluebird Market is a fun place to talk about fresh food ideas. Do you have a success story or something to say about how your family has benefited from fun, fresh foods at our local farmers market? Are you pleased? How can we make it better…
January 14 at 10:52pm
Every Family Needs a Farmer, Do You Know Yours? Every Family Needs a Farmer. Do you know yours? Visit us Saturdays 8 am until noon, Bluebird Market, 218 N…
January 14 at 10:52pm
The Freshest most Flavorful Food is Just Around the Corner.
January 14 at 10:52pm

Bluebird Market It’s a very happy day for the beautiful people who bring us arts and harvest! The Bluebird of Happiness is flying over us today.

January 12 at 9:17pm
Join Bluebird Market ‘Getting Strong Now’ Series for all the best organic farm fresh foods to help you and your family stay strong in 2010. Each week when you pick up your Bluebird CSA farm fresh veggie share box at 218 N. Center St. Th…
January 11 at 2:33pm
We continue our series on ‘Getting Strong Now’ with the Bluebird Market Science of Nutrition this week, January 16, 2010…Absorbable Calcium for Strong Bones and Teeth. Blue…
January 11 at 12:18am
Project results are logged in the Versemann online gardening diary blog with fascinating pictures that show the amazing results of this dedicated local growing family and the Project 365-V Learning Experience…
January 11 at 12:18am
January 9 at 8:25pm
Bluebird Market has 5756 Fans

“Becoming Nutrient Rich Series” Calendar of Events

January, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Capsaicin, Lycopene and Vitamins in Hot and Bell Peppers

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Absorbable Calcium for Strong Bones & Teeth in Fresh Greens

January 23, 2010

Allergy Prevention and Benefits of Local Honeys

January 30, 2010

Superfood Day…Which 15 foods win the superbowl of nutrition?

February 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine’s Heart Health Benefits of  Fiber in Oats and More

Saturday February 13, 2010

Valentine’s Heart Health and Antioxidant Benefits of Chocolate 

Saturday February 20, 2010

Hearth Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Saturday February 27, 2010

Heart Health Benefits including Omega 3 & Vitamin E in Seeds,  Nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fish Oil

March, 2010

Saturday March 6, 2010

Healthy Sweeteners Including Stevia

Saturday  March 13, 2010

Antioxidant and Healing Properties of Berries

Saturday March 20, 2010

Colorful Nutrients– learn how selecting colorfilled fruits, berries & veggies provide Vitamins, Antioxidants, Potassium and Carotenoids

Saturday March 27, 2010

Soothing and Uplifting Properties of Green and Herbal and Fruit Teas

April, 2010

Saturday April 3, 2010

Spring Fling Garden Planting Day (Day after Good Friday)

32.886910 -84.326166

arts harvest sleigh ride with address

Mark your Calendar for all the fun upcoming holiday events at Bluebird Market.

November 14th….Holiday Market Gift Basket Day

101709%20bluebird%20pics%20074This is the day to choose from all the best of holiday Bluebird Market Baskets.  Find your favorites like the Bluebird Coffee & Desserts Basket… deliver locally for Thanksgiving or Christmas as a delightful family gift.  Last day to order is November 14th for FREE local delivery.

November 21st…Hurrah for the Pumpkin Pie!

101709%20bluebird%20pics%20322Order a Bluebird Easy-as-Pie Basket for Thanksgiving deliveries locally.  Cottage Industry Holiday Baked Goods Day at Bluebird Market. Also find local farmers’ and their harvests along with firewood, live Christmas trees and more for a fresh and local All-American harvest Thanksgiving celebration.

November 28th…Ambrosia-Worthy Fruit Basket Day

tm1c66_orange_almond_salad_lgWant Ambrosia-Worthy Oranges?  Straight from the Orange Groves find the finest fresh-picked, Ambrosia-Worthy-Oranges of the holiday season. Choose Bluebird Fresh-Fruit Baskets as lovely gifts for friends and family.  Learn how to prepare refreshingly delicious Ambrosia for a delicious and nutritious season of wellness and taste second to none. Attend the cooking lesson at the Kitchen Show and stay for the FREE Farmers Market lunch after the show.  Everyone welcome!

December 5th…Bluebird Handmade Holiday Arts Market

candletree-logoEveryone is excited about seeing local creativity at its peak…the very best Etsy, Indie and Folk artisan works for a patchwork of  handmade meaningful holiday giving. Ask us to custom make a lovely Bluebird Artisan Basket of assorted locally created works.  Shop the First Annual Bluebird Holiday Arts Market for a handmade Christmas of pottery, Art Photography, Restoration Jewels, needlework, quilting, handsewn baby clothes, handmade purses, jewelry, toys, clocks, furnishings, decorations, soaps, milk baths, fleece footies and hats, artworks from our Bluebird Arties! This is a Forward Bluebird Arts event.

December 12th…A Christmas Story…gingerbread, storytelling and Noahs Ark animals

brandycake with hollyPresented by MOMS Club of Griffin Thomaston Area, this will be a local Christmas highlight for all ages.  Bring your children for the wonderland of stories told in a theatrical fun day of our favorite local talent.  Make a stuffed animal with MOMS Club.  Delight in the Kitchen Show at 11:00, when you will make your very own Gingerbread Cottage!  RSVP required for these custom made cottages as they are prebaked just for you!  Cost of the Kitchen Show is $3.00 with the Farmers Market Lunch after the show. Be sure to take home a  Bluebird Story Time Basket.

December 19th–Bluebird Toy Town Breakfast with St. Nicholas & his handmade toys

If you are a lover of handmade toys, you will want to see what’s in St. Nick’s bag on Bluebird Toy Town Breakfast with St. Nicholas Day.  Local Toy Town workshops bring us Elves’ most precious and creative heirloom treasures.  Handmade rocking horses, doll baby beds, red wagons and much more!  This delightful Toy Town Breakfast with St. Nick arrives at Bluebird Market just in time for a fun holiday morning that promises to be your child’s most favorite new holiday tradition.  Breakfast is at 9 am with Christmas Stories at 10. Meet Father Christmas with a selection of old-fashioned hand crafted Toy Town toys available only at Bluebird Market!  Receive a free portrait sitting of your child.  Enjoy this special heartwarming and quiet moment in time to cherish the spirit of Christmas in our hometown.

December 26th–Spa Day at Bluebird Market

102709%20MOMS%20Club%20Open%20House%20at%20Bluebird%20Market%20056After the holidays come and relax with handmade soaps and scrubs.  Enjoy soothing teas and a lemongrass hand treatment.  Add Bluebird handmade soaps and teas to your Christmas list for a Bluebird Ultimate Spa Basket. You deserve this rejuvenating experience to ring in the new.  Find your favorite fresh farmers market products for a New Year dedicated to your health and happiness!

Click here for Bluebird Interactive Events Calendar

Click here for Miss Honey’s BEE-a-Reader Storytime Schedule

Click here to find our more about Bluebird Upcoming Events.

Saturdays 8 am until noon

8-10 a.m. Bluebird Coffeehouse– FREE breakfast

Free Community Breakfast and coffee each week for Earlybirds. Georgia Roasted Bluebird Coffee is available to purchase by the pound, courtesy of Hunt Slade’s Safehouse Coffees and Teas.  Locally baked items like Orange Muffins, Banana Bread and more are available to purchase at the Market each week from local vendors.

10 a.m. Bee-a-Reader –FREE (ages 12 & under)

Enjoy the wonderful stories and activities each week by Miss Honey… the fabulous founder of the local BEE-a-Reader program to teach the love of reading and reading aloud to children in our hometown.  Miss Honey’s storytime is FREE of charge and you may order top selling children’s books from the Usborne series online or at the market.  You are welcome to participate as a reader to children by checking with Kara Beth Huddleston for a time to read.

10 a.m. DIY Workshop (materials fee $5.00)

While your children are enjoying story time in the Reading Room with Miss Honey, you are free to shop the market or attend the DIY Workshop.  This is a fun workshop for DIY(Do-it-yourself) fans of affordable handmade items with a weekly materials fee of $5.00 for adults

10:30 a.m. Entrepreneural Friendly Presentations

This DIY effort aims to boost local residents striving to Hatch/Launch their own business venture. Have a business you want to get the word out about?  Launch at Bluebird Market like others who have hatched homebased, handmade or small business ventures at our Entrepreneural Friendly market.

11:00 a.m. Bluebird Market Kitchen Show

Each week, join the LIVE audience for fun, participation and tastings at Bluebird Market Kitchen Show.  Recorded weekly to promote delicious and nutritious use of Farmers’ Market produce, cottage industry baked goods, canning skills and more.

Printable flyer to share.
Printable flyer to share.

fun fall at bluebird with time and placetake an arts and harvest sleigh ride witih us dates2


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