Healthy Life Community Garden


Seed Starting Begins at Bluebird Greenhouse for UGA Healthy Life Community Gardens

Bluebird Greenhouse at GARC is opening it’s doors again this spring to begin seed starting for ‘Healthy Life Community Gardens’, a local project for local residents and the Fairmont community, facilitated by UGA, City of Griffin and other gardening advocates.

‘Healthy Life Community Gardens’ Staff and Support Team met today to coordinate the seed growing efforts now underway for the new community garden in Griffin. “Plans are to put seedlings in the ground in early March,” states Joe Byrum, Program Assistant, Healthy Life Community Gardens.

“It’s a fun way of learning more about local foods,” states Frank Mason Robinson, Founder of Bluebird CSA, a Community Supported Agriculture program, “we especially like the way it’s bringing local people together. Everyone at the greenhouse today agreed they were honored to be part of this exciting, locally grown, community garden opportunity. It is an uplifting project that community leaders are making possible.”

Photo: Shown left to right are Charlie Harrison, original designer and builder of the GARC greenhouse facility where seeds are being started; Patty Hyatt and Joe Byrum, ‘Healthy Life Community Gardens’ Program Assistants; and Frank Mason Robinson, Co-Founder, Bluebird CSA.

If you would like to volunteer with seed starting at Bluebird Greenhouse or learn more about building a local foods system and the community gardening project, email:

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