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Bluebird CSA | Purple Sweet Potatoes

Purple Paleo Sweet Potatoes and more Sweet Potato Recipes here.

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Bluebird Market & CSA KidsBox Features Local Foods Storytime by Sammy Hatcher

Update  6/12/14:  Read more on ‘My Veggie Girl’ a Farm to Table service of Bluebird CSA.

Want to peak your child’s interest in farm fresh locally grown foods?

This summer Bluebird CSA is offering a KidsBox filled with farm fresh goodness like blueberries, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes and peas!  Lizzie Marie of Lizzie Marie Cuisine is adding a weekly healthy recipe for kids plus How-To Video and Sammy Hatcher is sharing a read along story about local farms!!  Here is Chapter One from Sammy’s tale!!

Bluebird’s Farm Adventure by Sammy Hatcher

Chapter One 

A   T-A-L-K-I-N-G   Bird!!!

I would like to start, first of all, by introducing myself to you all because my mother told me a long time ago that I should not talk to strangers, so I never do to this day! My name is Sammy. I’m an intern at Bluebird CSA and this morning the most remarkable thing happened to me. I met a TALKING bird. That’s what I said alright–a T-A-L-K-I-N-G bird. The poor little guy can’t even remember his name. Oh! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the very, very beginning.

Earlier this morning…

I was wandering around Bluebird Greenhouse aimlessly. I was hot and tired and thinking about taking a nap, as it was so late in the morning. (It was 10 o’clock after all and Winnie the Pooh would have been on his third nap by then!) I looked all around to make sure no one saw me leaning against a tree before slowly sliding down until I was in a good napping position. I pulled a hankie from my pocket to cover my face. It was then I noticed all the plants and sunlight peeking underneath the hankie starting to look warm and fuzzy. My eyes began to flutter closed and, as they did, I could see fuzzy bees and fuzzy grass and to my left I could see a fuzzy little bird in a fuzzy little strawberry patch. How nice. As I started to peacefully snooze, I thought about the lovely bird eating his delicious strawberries–but wait–then I realized something. There was no strawberry patch at the Bluebird Greenhouse! I jumped up as quickly as I could, ripping the hankie away as I did. Sure enough, there it was. As sure as I’m sitting here today telling you this story, there was a strawberry patch in a spot where just minutes before there hadn’t been one!

“You’re not asleep.” Said the bird.

A talking bird, too?? What was going on here?

“Did you just talk to me, bird?” I replied.

“I did. I said you aren’t asleep. And, I have a name; we’re not all just named bird, you know.” The bird’s feelings were obviously hurt, I hadn’t meant to be rude.

“Oh, I’m sorry. What is it?”

The bird thought for a moment and then he started to look even more sad than before. “I don’t know what my name is. I don’t know where I came from. I can remember all my favorite fruits and vegetables..”

“Fruits and vegetables?” I chimed in. “But I thought birds mostly ate bugs?”

“Yuck! No way! I don’t eat bugs, I only eat fresh fruits and vegetables; I remember that much. But,I can’t remember who I am.” At that the little blue bird with the soft brown belly hung his head in heartbreak.

“I’m really very sorry, Mr. Bird. I didn’t mean to make you sad. If you want, I could try to help you remember who you are.”

The bird’s head perked up just a little “Oh, really? You would do that for me? But we’ve only just met.”

I shrugged. “You’re sitting in a strawberry patch that came out of thin air and brought you with it, I’m sort of going with the flow at this point.”

The bird jumped up in triumph. “Hooray!” He shouted. “Well, can I go home with you?”

I thought for a moment. “How about you live here at the greenhouse? You can watch over the plants, you’ll be their keeper.”

The bird stuck his chest out regally, like he’d been given a great honor. “I shall do you proud, my lady.” He did a quick bow before asking, “Well, how are we going to find my memory?”

I scratched my chin, “We can go to different places where they grow your favorite foods and maybe you’ll remember a time you were eating them at home and your memory will come back!”

The bird sighed. “I don’t know, that doesn’t sound like a very good plan…”

“Of course it is! You’re an out-of-nowhere talking bird sitting in a magical strawberry patch, crazier things have worked!”

Mr. Bird then jumped up in a fit of hope, excited to try my idea. I told him I would come home and share our story, but before I left I had to ask my friend what his new name should be. He told me he didn’t know, but would just love more than anything for our reader’s to decide. So, to any of you who would like to think of a new name for Mr. Bird, e-mail your answer (or have Mom or Dad help you) to BluebirdandSammy@gmail.com. My bird friend says he’ll be so happy to get a new name that he’d like to send a gift to whoever’s name is picked, just to show his gratitude!

Bluebird Market CSA Members Will Enjoy 1st Crop from The Rock Ranch of Strawberries, Sweet Corn and More!

Miss Bluebird Princess has fun at The Rock Ranch with Veggie Tales.

Bluebird CSA

will work with The Rock Ranch to provide fresh and locally grown Georgia veggies and berries to CSA members in multiple locations.  The blueberry bushes are about 100 years old and are grown using organic practices to produce sweet and delicious blueberries.  These choice berries, sweet corn and 5-6 products will be offered over the 2011 spring and summer growing seasons through Bluebird CSA.  

Visit The Rock Ranch and enjoy their NEW  U-Pick Strawberry Patch— and if you would like those juicy strawberries delivered to you… straight from The Rock Ranch in a weekly share box, sign up for Bluebird CSA here

Top 5 CSA Nourishing Benefits

Top 5 benefits you will love with Bluebird Community Supported Agriculture!!
Watch and learn how fresh veggies from multiple Georgia farms nourish your life by providing what is needed to look and feel great!  From seed to table, nourish life with fresh veggies and community. http://www.farm2uonline.com/bluebird

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Bluebird Market Supports UGA Study Findings

‘If Each Household in Georgia Spent $10 on Georgia Grown Produce $1.9 Billion Boost to Georgia Economy’

Bluebird Market is an organic ‘buy local’ sustainability intiative working with over 70 Georgia farmers and producers with our multiple farm CSA program. This Bluebird is so Green.

Order conveniently online from local farmers through Bluebird CSA here.

Bluebird has been advocating for local households to redirect $10/weekly to buy locally grown and organic since we opened on June 6, 2009.

How does buying local impact you?

DIY calculator:

# of households in your community x $10 x 52 weeks = dollars to local growers

Ex: If there are 10,000 households in your community who spend $10 weekly with local growers times 52 weeks would direct over $5 million a year to local growers and your community.  A small life change to –buy local– makes a meaningful impact in our communities.

Read more about the UGA Buy Local study:

Buying Locally Grown Packs Powerful Economic Punch, Study Shows

Consumers Develop Taste for Locally Grown Food

Buying Local Food Could Boost Georgia’s Economy

Bluebird Market ‘Every Family Needs a Farmer’ Middle GA Trading Card Series

When you visit your favorite Middle Georgia farm or Farmers Market, be sure to ask your farmer to autograph their trading card or poster collectible!  

Order your Farmer Series Trading Cards here.

See reverse of trading card:

‘One Man and His Tractor’

Farmer Bob James Trading Card

Series I

Every Family Needs a Farmer, Middle Georgia

James Family Farm is a certified organic, award winning family that brings all the best of their harvest, farmhouse baked goods, preserved jams and relishes to Middle Georgia markets and CSA programs. Farmer Bob James is ‘one man and his tractor’ plowing the fields during planting season.

Find James Family Farm at Bluebird Market in Thomaston, Georgia and online at


Farm Posters:

 Order ‘One Man and His Tractor’ Poster.