CSA Heirloom Tomatoes

Seasonal, heirloom, Georgia grown tomatoes shared in Bluebird farm boxes shown below:

1-IMG_2973  1-IMG_30801-IMG_29331-IMG_2911 969018_10150315737694975_963472526_n1-IMG_3432 1-IMG_2721 1-IMG_2693 1-IMG_2696 1-IMG_2699 1-IMG_2702 1-IMG_2706 1-IMG_2710 1-IMG_2712 1-IMG_2713 1-IMG_2714 1-IMG_2717 1-IMG_2718 1-IMG_2719 971127_10150315737629975_1326047931_n 999373_10150315737764975_1605101662_n 1003700_10150315737589975_778176463_n 1005606_10150315737719975_1513362261_n 1010689_10150315737869975_724341102_n 1069213_10150315737819975_1210571666_n 1069238_10150315737919975_52058567_n 1069382_10150315737594975_1156036917_n

img_5235-002 1-IMG_3049 July 4, 2012 Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes1-IMG_4260 1-IMG_4280-001 Indigo Blue July 6, 2012 Heirloom Tomatoes Mr. Stripey img_5218 July 6, 2012 Heirloom Tomatoes

July 12, 20212 Heirloom Cherry & Roma Tomatoes

griffin heirloom tomatoes 111-IMG_24821-IMG_34751-IMG_3804-001

July 6, 2012 Heirloom Tomatoes1-IMG_2950 1-IMG_2958 1-IMG_2925 1-IMG_2946-001

1-griffin heirlooms 3

July 6, 2012 Heirloom Tomatoes

1-griffin mr stripey 2



hierloom cherry tomatoes locally grown griffin

local heirlooms

pics 3IMG_3433 IMG_3412 IMG_3418mortgage lifterslocal heirloom tomatoeslane family mortgage liftersheirloom tomatoes farmer steve 2heirloom tomatoes farmer steve 1heirloom tomatoes farmer steveheirloom tomatoes down the lane mortgage liftersheirloom tomatoes 11-bluebird greenhouse frank masons harvest 2


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